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Counseling & Opinions

At Mendelson IP we strive to be not just an attorney, but a counselor in the true meaning of the word.

Mendelson IP provides legal advice and counsel to our clients as they pursue their business objectives, addressing issues of freedom to operate, validity, infringement, patentability, due diligence and life cycle management. We work closely with our clients to manage the scope of each project, with the firm belief that greater communication between outside counsel and client results in a better work product. We make certain we understand how each project fits in with the client’s’ business goals, to ensure that final products not only answers the questions asked, but also provide the information that needs to be known. When issues do arise, we work with our clients and apply our scientific knowledge and understanding of the industry, together with our legal skills, to help identify creative solutions.

We have worked with clients on projects ranging from managing the all the U.S. freedom to operate issues on the first major collaboration between big pharma and a biotech company, to opining on the scope and validity of a single claim of a competitor’s patent.

Whether you are assessing the IP portfolio of a potential business partner, seeking advice on freedom to operate, or seeking an opinion on a competitor’s patent, Mendelson IP can provide you with cost-effective assistance in the matter.