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Welcome to Mendelson IP

Mendelson IP was founded on a simple principle; quality patent and intellectual property legal service and counsel should be affordable.   Toward this end, the firm is structured to maximize its use of technology and minimize overhead.  We run a lean and efficient operation and the savings are passed along to the client.  Whether you run a business or the tech transfer office of a university, at Mendelson IP we understand that you have to manage expenses.

Even more importantly, we understand that although your intellectual property issues may be critical to your business, you are not simply in the business of obtaining, licensing, or challenging patents.  Each opinion; each license; each patent in your portfolio serves a specific business purpose, whether it is gain entry to the market, protect your commercial product, provide licensing revenue, or to strategically innovate around your competitor’s IP. When handling your matter, our actions are informed and guided by the business purpose that you seek to achieve.

At Mendelson IP you will get first-rate patent and intellectual property service and counsel from an experienced IP attorney; one who not only understands the law, but how it applies to both the technical and the practical realities of the industry. As the firm expands, we will continue to focus on value and experience as cornerstones to our practice.

Most law firms are structured to maximize the number of hours an attorney can bill. To accomplish this, a law firm typically employs a small army of support staff, whose purpose is to keep the attorney billing. The cost of all those salaries and rent for the very expensive office space those people occupy is passed on to you, the client. It’s no wonder that billing rates are out of control.

By contracting with a global commercial real estate company, we have access to as much or as little office space as needed, when it is needed, wherever in the world it is needed. If you need a conference room for a day, or a full litigation suite for a month, we have it for you. We only pay for the space we use, so our rates don’t have to reflect the cost of leasing overpriced and underutilized space.

What have we had to give up by structuring the firm in this manner? In a word, nothing; nothing but waste and inefficiency.

Value and experience, for experience you will value.